Analogue control Electric oil radiators with an analogue controller

grzejnik panelowy

Electric oil heaters with a digital controller

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Radiators are an extremely important device, especially during winter. They provide warmth, enable normal functioning, and prevent lingering of mould and damp in a flat which can be the cause of many diseases and disorders. A characteristic feature of our radiators is that they have been designed with ecology in mind. Instead of water, their inside is filled with mineral oil that makes them highly energy-efficient. Our offer includes oil radiators controlled with the use of an analogue or digital controller. Their level of functionality and refinement of each detail corresponds to even the most demanding domestic and foreign buyers.

Analogue versus digital controller

The digital controller has more functions. In addition to the basic ones, which the analogue controller also fulfils, the digital panel also allows to accelerate the mineral oil heating process, set the temperature reduction at night, and it also has the CHILD function that is responsible for protecting children against burns from the heated radiator surface. Both options are comfortable and intuitive to use. However, choosing the right radiator should be based on your personal needs and preferences, as well as the place where the radiator will be located. If the main user is an elderly person, the analogue controller may be more functional.


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