We are a Polish manufacturer of electric oil radiators based in Kraków. Our company has operated on the electrotechnical market for more than 30 years. In the process of manufacturing our products, we put emphasis on a friendly impact on the natural environment. For manufacture, we use materials supplied by proven, long-term suppliers: high-quality metallurgical materials and electrotechnical elements of renowned European companies. The quality of products is our highest priority and strict quality control is applied at every stage of the manufacturing process. The acquired knowledge and practice, as well as long-term cooperation and understanding the needs of customers allowed us to create a good Polish product.

The high quality of our products is confirmed by the recognition and satisfaction of the Scandinavian market customers, where we have been successfully exporting electric oil radiators for several decades. Our company has established a reputation of a good brand also on the Polish market, and we acquire new customers and their recognition constantly improving the quality of our products. We provide a 24-month warranty for our products. We offer our clients many years of experience and professional help.

Polish manufacturer

of Oil radiators

We have operated on the electrotechnical market for over 30 years.

History of our company


In 1987, a small craftsman workshop at Zamojski street in Kraków started its operation in the area of 100m2.


In 1988, the second manufacturing division at Suchy Jar street was launched.

1990 - 2000

In 1990, the main elpe seat and the manufacturing plant were located at Centralna street. The existing manufacturing facilities at Zamojski and Suchy Jar streets became manufacturing departments. The building at Centralna street remained the main plant until September 2000


In September 2000, the Elpe company moved to own new facilities (30-797 Kraków, ul. Tadeusza Śliwiaka 16), in which the entire manufacture, warehouse and offices were concentrated.